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FireBoy and WaterGirl 4: The Crystal Temple

Great information for fans of the game together on one device! A new exciting game Fireboy and Watergirl 4 in the Crystal Temple has been invented for you! The main characters of two colors: the characters the boy Fire and the girl Water go on a new exciting adventure. This time they have to overcome obstacles, solve difficult puzzles, collect crystals and try to get out of the impenetrable labyrinths in the crystal temple. The main characters can collect crystals only in their own color, which makes the game more difficult and interesting! A huge number of levels that can be completed with a team game! It got its name probably due to the fact that it really stores an incredible number of different crystals, and besides, at every step there are crystal portals that can instantly move to the farthest corner of the labyrinth. Game with moderate difficulty, but very interesting! Be careful, there are traps waiting for you, which, after all, will have to be overcome. Help the heroes to act together, always help each other and relentlessly move towards the intended goal. We wish you good luck on the way!