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Zombie games are what you need if you are tired of far-fetched plots and far-fetched missions. When you just need “mochilovo”, zombie games are the most logical choice. There is absolutely no need to puzzle over the plot, look for some lost item or unravel a difficult puzzle. The goal is to survive. So grab your gun and go! Thanks to Hollywood movies, we now know what to expect from these monsters, so we are always on the lookout. Well, it’s time to put our knowledge into practice! We just had a small army of living corpses lying around, so choose a weapon, buddy, and let’s start our games against zombies! Depending on the game you choose, you may find yourself in different conditions. You will have to act according to the circumstances. For some games, the waiting tactic is suitable, when you need to send an unsuccessfully substituted enemy with a well-aimed shot to that (or that?) light. To do this, you need to have powerful endurance and composure. But in most cases, you will have to break through the endless crowd of living carrion, arranging a real mess along the way, with the help of all types of weapons. Here your main task is to survive and get to the place of deployment, where you can take a breath, slightly improve your health, recharge, tune in to a new wave. The abundance of severed limbs does not scare gamers, and zombie games have stable popularity. The fact is that we launch such games in order to relax and shoot for fun. The more corpses and dismemberment, the better – this is the motto of zombie games. Therefore, tune in to a real war, become a real cruel hunter of these heartless creatures that are no longer alive, but not dead either.