All Mahjong Games - Zombie fighting games

Do you like real battles, martial arts or street fights, but online games lack real extreme sports? Zombie fighting games – a genre just for you. The presence of green creatures in the game on the computer will add spice to any battle. Considering that these monsters only dream of profiting from your brains, you should forget about pity and remember all your signature tricks! Your main goal is to survive this duel. Realistic graphics, dynamic musical accompaniment and a gloomy atmosphere are provided to you. If you want to try some classic version in this genre, then you should start with the Zombie Punishment or Battle Arena games on the computer. Here you have to fight with zombies of varying degrees of decomposition, which will stay faster and faster. And your weapon can be anything, the main thing is to escape from the attackers. Because there can be no compromises, either you will defeat them, or you will be eaten. And for fans of Hollywood films about zombies and those who already have experience in destroying these monsters, there are games that are more non-standard. For example, in the “City of Pillows” you will not have to sleep at all! After all, a zombie apocalypse happened in a small and quiet town, and your beloved sister stayed there. Hurry up and save her life!