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Zombie games 3D is a great way for fans of a dynamic and exciting pastime. An unknown virus, the fruit of the development of insidious scientists, accidentally breaks free in a remote densely populated town, gradually infecting neighboring territories and reaching huge cities. The virus turns people literally into the living dead. A deadly threat looms over humanity: zombies destroy and destroy everything in their path, infect or simply kill the surviving inhabitants, the situation gets out of control, state forces are no longer able to cope with crowds of rebellious corpses and run away from responsibility, and then you will need to arm yourself as should and save the world from a terrible apocalypse. Our new free 3D zombie games for PC are even better. The endless crazy dynamics of action movies now appear before you in a new form: millions of polygons, perfectly traced textures and improved 3D models will make you feel completely alone in the middle of a metropolis infested with zombies, but you always have a chance! Destroy this randomly generated bio-debris and fight your way to freedom through mountains of re-killed infernal creatures: You won’t get bored!