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Every boy wants to feel like a real strongman. But, in life, the right moment does not always appear when you can demonstrate your combat skills to others. However, in the virtual space, fierce fighting is not uncommon, and opponents often have to demonstrate their superiority. Test yourself for strength and fight in the game space with monsters, enemy army and various mythical creatures. Sumo wrestlers will also be your opponents. They are well prepared and determined to win. But, if you show your best qualities, such as fearlessness, accuracy, endurance and ingenuity, you can easily cope with all tasks and successfully move to the next level. Rely solely on your intuition, speed of reaction and accuracy of striking. Fighting games attract many guys. But, freestyle wrestling may also be of interest to girls, especially since the risk of injury or fracture is minimized. Choose this genre and become a virtual leader. You will undoubtedly manage to win and find your name in the table of champions.