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Many gamers admit that from time to time they want to play educational games. This is not only a great way to have a fun and interesting vacation, but also an excellent workout for the brain. For example, a fun game in which a gamer needs to make words out of randomly scattered letters across the field is very popular. Moreover, the more you get to compose, the faster you will be able to earn the required number of points and move to the next level. The game of words from letters is a classic of the genre. Fun attracts both adults and children. Pupils and students, children and teenagers, directors of companies and simple laborers play enthusiastically. Regardless of the status and level of education, such games will allow you to train your brain and diversify your pastime. But, it is necessary to note not only the entertainment of the game. It also attracts a user-friendly interface, great graphics and pleasant music. You can also compose words in the company of funny cartoon characters. In particular, they will interest kids. The child will be more willing to play and develop logical thinking.