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All boys without exception love to play war games. But, if a couple of decades ago, “bloody” battles took place mostly in courtyards and nearby squares, today the battles and these war games have been transferred to the virtual space. Parents can forget about the torn pants and dirty T-shirts of their restless tomboys. In addition, your baby, even in case of defeat, will not receive a single scratch. Our portal contains a huge number of interesting military games. The collection includes games that are perfect for both children and adults. Games of this genre are designed to raise morale, hone the skill of strategy and the rational use of combat resources. Victory instantly raises your self-confidence and mood, and the enemy gets a good lesson. You can choose the right weapon for your hero and develop the best plan to repel an enemy attack. The army, under your strict guidance, will conquer entire states. Together with friends you can go to a magical forest or be transported to an unknown planet. Games about war are no less interesting for girls. What could be easier than capturing a castle or fighting monsters? This category of games has a lot of fans. Attracts an interesting plot and colorful pictures. You will earn bonuses and equip your army. This is a great opportunity to show your best qualities. Captivating graphics will instantly take you to the fantastic world of military battles, where you will immerse yourself in the fabulous atmosphere of dynamics and battles. Not only the outcome of the virtual battle, but also the fate of the fairy-tale people will depend on your decision. Each step must be carefully considered. Engage in a fight with the enemy and show who is the boss in the house.