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3d unity games are a completely new round in the development of online fun. It’s about more realistic games. The gamer after pressing the “start” button is transferred to a completely different dimension. The realism of the graphics is amazing and mesmerizing. It is simply impossible to break away from the gameplay. The variety of fun created on the unity engine will also impress. So, in one of the games, the main character will escape from a mental hospital. The main task is to escape from the pursuers. Managing a crazy granny is not easy. In addition, along the way, you also need to collect certain items that will allow you to earn the maximum number of points. You have to shoot down obstacles in the form of human shields on your way. Management is very simple. The gamer from the first minute will understand the main principle of fun. There are also many races in this section. You have to win real racing battles against your rivals in a wide variety of places: from a populated metropolis to a deserted desert, from the impenetrable jungle of the Amazon to the rocky areas of Scotland. There are a lot of shooters in the Unity category as well. Shoot at your opponents and smash everything in your path. It is noteworthy that you can shoot from a variety of weapons. The gamer can choose a regular pistol, machine gun or rockets. It is possible to eliminate the enemy even with a ballistic missile. You can wander in search of adventure both through the deserted streets of megacities and through the cosmic labyrinth. Destroy all enemy bases and destroy all your rivals with any object that comes to hand. Keep a cool head and effortless optimism. Collect bonuses, upgrade – and then you will have an unconditional victory, whether it be dangerous adventures, crazy races or bloody shooters!