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Tower defense – the game was created in the genre of “tower defense”. These entertainments will suit absolutely all fans of tactical and strategic games. These games require both brainstorming and the ability to make quick decisions. Thanks to this, games of this genre are so dynamic and exciting. It is worth noting that at first the game was developed only as an element of strategy. However, as its popularity grew, online fun underwent a number of changes and began to develop as an independent genre of dynamically developing casual games. This entertainment will be appreciated by fans of logical strategies. Despite the apparent simplicity of the Defense Towers, games attract attention, and it is simply impossible to tear yourself away from the computer monitor. Start building your protection structures in virtual space and destroy the enemy army. A superbly developed strategy and thoughtful tactics will help you – only they will be the key to victory in this online game. Despite the fact that in this section tower defense games are united by the “tower defense” genre, each version differs in the plot line and graphics. Tower defense is a wonderful online communication, a vibrant game world, a variety of quests, an interesting plot! Compete with friends for quick wit, quick reaction and enterprise. Skillfully repel the attack and fight against numerous opponents. The main task is to dodge the blow in time and show the qualities of a good strategist. Many battles await you. Good luck!