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Throw games are simple and fun at the same time. Some of the fun will appeal to the youngest gamers, while others, on the contrary, will impress older gamers. For example, in one of the games, the main character will bravely fight against kidnappers. Armed with an ordinary slingshot, the main character will fight against universal evil. It is necessary to throw objects at monsters very carefully, as the slightest miss will be fined. Develop accuracy and the ability to react with lightning speed. In other games, by throwing, you can bypass the main rivals and come first to the finish line. It’s about sports entertainment. Show everyone your dexterity and ability to overcome obstacles. It is worth paying attention to war games. Throw grenades and become an avid warrior and defend your virtual country. But, you will have to fight not only against the enemy army, but also against the zombies who have rebelled and want to capture the city. But, your hero will help save the territory from the capture of terrible monsters. Launch the game and start fighting. There are also fun throwing games. For example, you arrived at work, not getting enough sleep, waiting a lot of time in traffic jams, completed an important report that your boss asked you to do. And now, the boss, for no apparent reason, in front of your irritated face, tears the report into tiny pieces. What do you think will happen next? And that’s what! The essence of this game is to kick as far as possible, to the maximum distance, out of the window from a high-rise building, thereby breaking all records for the range of bosses. And there are a lot of such cool games on our portal in the “Throw” section.