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Who didn’t want to play as a kid? Tetris has been a favorite pastime of many. Not everyone could boast of a home PC. But, in the presence of Tetris, it was possible to pass another hour, enthusiastically passing the levels. The game was made in such a way that at the initial stage the gamer adapted and delved into the main essence of the fun. Gradually, with each subsequent level, the elements appeared more often and moved faster. Many enthusiastically assembled figures for hours and earned points. Today there is a great alternative to this fun. Tetris online is especially popular. In the virtual computer space, you can become a real virtuoso. Surpass rivals and successfully complete all difficult levels. Everyone’s favorite fun of the 90s has not lost its relevance, it just changed its format a little. And if earlier it was possible to play only the classic version of this toy, then modern developers have significantly complicated the task for gamers. Of course, if you wish, you can plunge into sweet memories and get a little nostalgic by playing classic Tetris for free on our website. However, there are many novelties in the section.