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Trickery has always surprised and delighted the eye at the same time. Various games to do tricks seem unrealistic and fantastic. They are breathtaking. Tricks are also found in different sports. Sometimes they are performed only by the body, and sometimes some objects are used for their implementation. Often, the implementation of such elements implies a potential danger, since when performing them, you can injure your body. In the games of this category, gamers will be able to enjoy the most amazing tricks that can be performed using a bike, skateboard or roller skates. Our game portal contains a collection of fun, among which boys, girls and adults will definitely find entertainment for themselves. Stunt games provide an excellent opportunity to try out a variety of tricks, where you will perform them in any street discipline, in a circus or on a track. Surely every person visited the circus, where acrobats demonstrated their skills by performing the most dangerous tricks. The entertainment presented on our website will give you the opportunity to feel like an athlete, an acrobat, as well as a stunt racer. Here, in our virtual games, you can not be afraid for your health. After all, you risk only the main character of a flash game, who can have a million lives and he can’t care less. Therefore, feel free to choose your discipline, then the game and the location, the tricks. And perform the most fantastic, unforgettable, amazing stunts you can think of. However, we should also warn you: do not try to repeat the tricks of virtual heroes, because it is dangerous for health and life!