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The genre of “strategy” is especially popular. Strategy games have the largest fan base in the world. Still would! Playing strategy is so much fun! There is no need to destroy everything in a row! Here you need to think about your every move, think over your own tactics, develop a strategy for waging war. Colorful graphics, unique designs of these games will definitely not let you get bored! Unique stories will delight even avid gamers who have tried themselves in almost all categories. Enjoy the new quality game. Online strategy games, which are presented on our resource, will allow you to have fun and interesting time. All family members will be enthusiastically immersed in the game. If you are a born commander, you have a unique opportunity to show your leadership qualities. Send troops into battle and conquer cities. Capture enemy commanders, exchange them for the resources you need, or simply execute them like an unnecessary animal. Occupy countries that are unfriendly to you, make them work for you. You can develop your own winning tactics. There are many interesting strategy games for business fans. On our resource a wide range of various online games are presented. You will be able to bring your virtual civilization out of the depths of centuries. Your people, under your careful guidance, will be able to reach the heights of modern development. Other games of strategy allow you to express yourself in the role of the ruler of the state. You can capture entire continents and even planets. This genre helps to develop many abilities. You will learn to think logically and plan all your actions. Strategic thinking is useful in real life. It is an essential element of modern business.