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Surely, everyone at school was engaged in drawing, and not only at art lessons, but also at breaks in notebooks. Many could even draw on desks, boards or toilet walls, accompanying the little man with various inscriptions. It’s not so difficult to portray a little man – one, two, three sticks, a circle and you’re done. From English, the word Stickman is translated as a stick man. If you look closely at this cartoon character, you will notice that it really looks like it was drawn, and in haste. Some game developers are interested in this hero. Of course, you don’t have to worry about the beauty of the graphics, the design and design of the game. These games are taken primarily by their dynamics, fast-paced plot, if any. With this man, game creators can do just about anything they want. Soon a number of games were created with the participation of Stickman. Thanks to this, games with Stickmen have taken their place of honor among other dynamic games. The collection of this category is constantly updated with new gaming products. Among the games with a drawn man, you can find shooting games, flying games, fights and even racing games. There is no doubt that no matter what game the user chooses on our gaming site, he will have a great time in the company of Stickmen and get a lot of positive emotions. Stickman games just won’t let you get bored. They are very funny, unpredictable and diverse. Here you can also try to play as a cartoon archer or a parkour hero who performs the most incredible stunts. It is worth noting that the choice will pleasantly surprise even avid gamers. Don’t be confused by the specific graphics and at first glance the strange appearance of the little men. The stickman war will be able to please the global nature of what is happening. Playing drawn men will always be interesting for gamers of all ages.