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The stars of the game, presented for free in this section of the site, will appeal to all young astronomers. Fans of this subject will be able to enjoy the gameplay and learn a lot of useful and interesting things. Light up all the stars in one of the fun. But, to cope with this task is not so easy. It is necessary to be accurate and show restraint. Calculating the trajectory is quite difficult. But, as a reward for a correctly made shot, you will find an amazing spectacle of stars lighting up at the same time. In another game, players will have to collect a variety of geometric shapes. But, do not relax. In entertainment, certain difficulties and difficulties may await you. Star games for girls are a godsend for little ladies. Celebrities and famous singers are waiting for you. You have to help style your hair and do makeup. The situation is complicated by the fact that all this must be done in a certain number of minutes. Don’t give up and show the best result.