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Crazy about space games? Then you should definitely look into this section of the site. A lot of exciting fun awaits you. True fans of the Star Wars movie will surely be able to find a suitable game. But, be prepared that you will have to deal not only with funny and amusing aliens from other planets. Creepy and bloodthirsty monsters are waiting for you, with whom you will have to fight bravely. Not all representatives of extraterrestrial civilizations are so friendly and welcoming. It is worth paying attention to strategy games. Space stories are very popular. You have to show the best qualities of a strategist. You will build colonies on Mars and keep order at your facility. Love detective stories? Then go on a responsible virtual task. The mission will be extremely dangerous. The task of the gamer is to investigate the events that led to the death of researchers and scientists who conducted tests on the new planet. The storyline captures from the first minute. A variety of space games will please all fans of this genre.