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The sniper game is adrenaline in the blood, drive and an exciting storyline. By itself, a sniper is a combat unit capable of hitting targets at a great distance while remaining unnoticed by the enemy. So that you can immerse yourself in this world, we present you this selection. This category will undoubtedly appeal to fans of classic shooters. But, here there are some peculiarities. You can’t shoot at everything. The sniper must have composure and accurately perform the tasks assigned to him. Gamers are waiting for difficult tasks and responsible missions. For example, in some plots it is necessary to wait for the enemy to appear in a certain place. And you can kill the victim with only one shot. Missed? Penalty point and a few steps back. The sniper attracts with original graphics and colorful pictures. Players begin to feel part of a common. They go on dangerous missions and fight bravely to protect their teammates. You will shoot from a special rifle. But finding a victim is not so easy. There will be many “false” characters in the crowd of people. Your task is to determine the main goal according to the prompts. Often you have to shoot at objects in order to distract the guards. But, having made your way to the object, be vigilant, traps and dead ends await you. If you want to be the winner in this genre of games, follow logical thinking and tactics, these two components will lead you to the expected result. Well? Interested in this genre? Then choose a suitable toy in this category and go to the fascinating world of online entertainment.