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The sky is a wide abyss that has always aroused delight. They can be admired forever. In addition, it has always fascinated with depth and beauty. Most often, the vault of heaven has a blue tint, but it can shimmer with other colors. On it you can see a rainbow that will enchant with natural beauty. It is worth noting that the sky is not always so beautiful. During a thunderstorm, it becomes dark, restless, lets out lightning, which makes it scary to look at. The vault of heaven at such moments can be fraught with danger. Daily weather is formed on it, for example, if the sky is clear, then the day will be sunny and bright. A cloudy sky portends windy weather or intermittent rains. However, if we observe gray or even dark clouds in the vault of heaven, then this says that it will rain and we will not see the sun for a long time. A clear sky dome is blue because the ozone layer covers it at high altitude. He then delays a certain spectrum of sunlight, which give the sky such a color. From the point of view of physics, the vault of heaven includes several layers. The first is the layer where we are. It is called the troposphere and has a height of up to 18 km. The next is the stratosphere (50 km), then the mesosphere (85 km), in which meteorites burn, the thermosphere (600 km) and the exosphere (10,000 km) – the last shell of our planet.