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Ice skating is a sport loved by many. But what to do when it’s rainy and gloomy outside, and the desire to ride is stronger than ever? Join the world of sports by playing our online fun. In such simulators, you can arrange races with rivals or go on exciting adventures. With their help, you will be able to get to your destination faster, go around obstacles and jump over pits and barriers. If you want to have a good time and get on the skates of virtual reality, just choose any entertainment you like from our collection. Who knows, maybe after training you decide to go skiing professionally in real life. In winter, it is difficult to find a place where you can ride classic skates, but it is easy to do it in the play space. Here you will not be able to get injured and mutilated, and you definitely will not be cold. Our game portal will help you to have a good time and cheer you up. We are confident that our games will be able to please everyone and everyone, regardless of the age category. Sitting in a comfortable chair, you can perform a variety of tricks by pressing a couple of keyboard buttons. All ice skating games are available for free. The gameplay runs directly in the browser. Gamers do not need to download anything, which is very convenient. We present to your attention a high-quality collection of online skating games of various genres and directions.