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Have you ever thought about how you can combine such classic genres of the gaming industry as strategy and action, the methodism of tactical army command and the dynamism of combat simulations in the first or third person? Meet our strategy shooting games! This is a unique synthesis of two of the most popular and recognized trends in computer games. Install our free strategy shooting games on your computer and enjoy excellent 3D graphics with tens of thousands of polygons and high resolution textures combined with carefully thought out game mechanics. You will be able to recruit your own armies, draw up plans for attacking enemy positions, equip fighters with the most modern models of weapons, challenge the generals of neighboring states, conquer new territories and resource deposits, and much more! You will be able to feel the heat of battle not only by looking at the strategic map and movement patterns of your units and opponent units, but also at the most crucial moment taking control of the best fighters, resolving critical situations on your own and feeling like a real soldier! Download and install our online shooting strategy games on your computer and go to victory!