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Ship games are all about fun with various ships sailing through virtual seas and oceans. These games on our portal will definitely appeal to both real sea wolves and ordinary fishing enthusiasts. Traveling through endless waters, looking for lost treasures, winning sea battles, just managing your ship – it’s all so exciting! Move across water bodies and demonstrate to everyone your skills and abilities to control various water vehicles. In this category of fun, you can get used to the role of a captain or an ordinary cook. You can’t do without a good mechanic on a ship. Check if there are gaps in your ship. There are also flash games for water races. Overtake all your rivals, douse them with a wave from your ship, leave them with your nose, win cups and valuable prizes! Control your ship, boat or yacht in a race, fight for the first place – what could be more interesting! A lot of fun is devoted to battles with pirates. Arrange real battles and defeat the enemy fleet. When striking, it is necessary to take into account the structural features of ships. Knowing the weaknesses, you can easily defeat the enemy. But, you are waiting for not only battles. You can just go fishing in a quiet calm harbor. The luckiest fisherman who can catch the most fish wins. Watch the game carefully, you may get caught in the net and a goldfish. In parallel, have time to collect stars. So you earn extra points and leave your competitors far behind. Free ship games will appeal to everyone without exception.