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The scariest games are at your disposal 24 hours a day. The collection presents exciting entertainment for true connoisseurs of this genre. Such games are designed to scare a person, instill a sense of fear and anxiety in him. Games of this theme are popular among young people and teenagers. The thing is that scary games increase the level of adrenaline in the blood. People are looking for thrills and not everyone has the opportunity to do extreme sports in real life. That is why we have created this collection of incredibly scary games. Longing for zombies, mutants and evil monsters? Do you mind being in a haunted house? On our site you will find the scariest games for free. Without registration and tedious download, start playing. You will meet vampires and a poltergeist, fight evil spirits and run away from demons. What lurks in the depths of the Underworld? Is the enchanted forest so scary? This category will appeal to true connoisseurs of horror. You will find a lot of excellent horror movies on our game portal. You will be tense throughout the game. For example, you can play Resident Evil. The corresponding atmosphere is created by zombies, graphics made in gloomy colors and a very realistic musical accompaniment. No less interesting is the horror story “Silent Hill”. This series of games will not let you relax. The tension builds up every minute. The action often takes place in creepy places. You will be transported to an enchanted world or abandoned city buildings.