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The word “Samurai” is translated as “serve”. This name reveals the whole point. It’s about warriors serving their master. We invite everyone to try themselves in the role of a samurai by choosing the appropriate fun on the pages of our resource. For example, in one of the entertainments, you have to cut fruit right in the air. They will fly out in a chaotic manner, and the gamer needs to quickly dissect them. You need to be attentive, and then everything will work out. The samurai games featured here are the best of their kind. They are not just for boys. Here you will find a fun coloring book for boys, created based on the Samurai Jack cartoon of the same name. In this game you will need to color the cartoon characters. This entertainment is distinguished by a rich choice of colors, which will allow the boys to show their imagination and color the cartoon fragment the way they want. It is worth noting that this fun is also suitable for little ladies.