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Our editors constantly monitor and regularly update the game base with the most popular new products. The Rocket games section is updated every day. It is worth noting that missiles are called purposeful flight projectiles. This category includes power vehicles that deliver satellites and space modules to the Earth’s orbit. The devices got their name because they use jet propulsion to fly. It is formed as a result of the combustion of fuel, which is enclosed in the rocket body. In this, in fact, they differ from other shells. An ordinary balloon, if inflated and released without tying the edge, will demonstrate the principle of the reactive force. It will fly randomly in different directions, because it is pushed by the air that is flying out of it. One rocket can store a significant amount of fuel, thanks to which it can travel significant distances between the earth’s hemispheres. These types of devices are called strategic. On our portal, in the Rocket games section, you can find a wide variety of games, choose the type of games that suits you and get carried away with them for a long time. Subjects provide the widest choice. Here you can travel in endless space on your rocket, launch a rocket at your hated enemy, or model, build your own, author’s rocket. There are plenty to choose from! Give preference to which game you decide!