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Do you like to draw attention to yourself? Nowhere to put the energy? Rescue games are waiting for you in the virtual space. Feel the adrenaline rush and become a real superstar. You will need to save both cute princesses and dragons trapped in a trap. Make your way through the dense thicket of the forest and bravely fight against forest robbers. The most primitive weapons are at your disposal. But, having successfully completed the task and earned the required number of points, you can improve the skills of your virtual character and acquire additional features. This is a quest, a shooter, a strategy and a walker all in one. The success of the operation will depend on your actions. Your opponents are terrorists, enemy army, aliens from other planets and even mythical trolls. You will be tried in every possible way to eliminate and deactivate. But, by turning on logic and ingenuity, you will realize in time that a dangerous moment is approaching and will have time to dodge the bullet. Games for boys rescue will allow young gamers to become real defenders. And it does not matter that the action takes place in a fictional kingdom. The main thing is that the child will become bold and courageous.