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Quest games online – a tempting form of recreation. Quests will undoubtedly attract the attention of fans of games on logic and thinking, where you don’t need to stupidly walk with a gun and wet everything. Quests are taken by others. Here you will need some time to reason, think, maybe write something in a notebook. Here it is necessary to take into account every item, every little thing, remember the path traveled, find clues. This is a very exciting process that can drag you into the world of quests for more than one hour. You can get carried away in these carefree virtual searches and be completely satisfied and enjoy your logic and ingenuity. You do not need to download and install anything on your computer. Your ability to reason rationally will be very useful. This section contains a lot of interesting games. Tower Defense games are very popular. Your hero will need to protect buildings from enemies. But, it’s not so simple. The forces of the opponents are increasing every day. Success will directly depend on your actions. Properly plan the placement of protective structures. To successfully complete all levels, you will need to show all the qualities of a strategist. You will surely lead your people to victory. The virtual state has a bright future. No less popular is another genre of quest games. The gamer will need concentration and developed logical thinking. Be prepared for the fact that in some stories you will have to solve complex puzzles. Otherwise, you will not be able to proceed to the next step. It is difficult for the main character to independently find the key to the doors and get out of the closed premises. Almost every item will play a role. Numerous hints will help you.