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This genre is intended for those who prefer to analyze and make calculations, and not just shoot where they have to. Shooting puzzle games are much closer to the real conditions of battles and shooting. Because a good shooter must always remember how many rounds he has left and whether he has any left. In most regular online shooters there are no limits on shots, so you don’t have to worry about a new horde of zombies eating you. But this does not apply to puzzle shooters on the computer at all. Playing them is much more difficult, as you will have to optimize all your actions, calculate your strength and, of course, the number of enemies. Your goal is to kill as many attackers as possible with the minimum amount of cost. It’s not so easy anymore! A good example is Ricochet Zombie, where you can’t move, but that’s no reason to get eaten! At more difficult levels, you will have to calculate not only the number of rounds, but also try to calculate the trajectory of the bullet. Otherwise, there will not be enough supplies to escape from the brain-eaters. Completely free of charge, you can have fun, train your brain and feel like an invincible strategist. And it’s worth it!