All Mahjong Games - Puzzle ball games

Ball puzzles are unique ways to train your own logic and quick wits. Ball games in this category are extremely simple, as they are equipped with a rather primitive gameplay. In almost every toy you have to deal with balls, and therefore it is quite easy to guess how to achieve victory in one case or another. This category contains classic balls like “Billy’s Colored Lines” where you have to line up balls of the same color in a line on the playing field. But there is also a variety, for example, in the form of a continuation of the game series “Clean the Pumpkins 3”. Here you will have to think through moves to destroy certain pumpkins and avoid tricky traps. A feature of puzzles involving balls is that in order to win in these games you will have to show remarkable ingenuity. For example, in the new version of “Protect the Orange”, the player is waiting for new levels in which, as before, they have to protect ripe and juicy fruits from a malicious cloud that attacks sweets with poisonous rain.