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For many racing fans, it is very important that the game is as believable as possible. Especially when you are already an experienced gamer and you know exactly how it happens in reality, but how exactly it cannot be. Physics racing games are just the genre that provides features and details of each track and each vehicle. In this case, physics is not a boring science about incomprehensible things, but a real assistant in the upcoming race! One has only to remember the basic principles and use them to the fullest. These free games take into account many nuances, and therefore it becomes several times more interesting to play. Now you can use the advantages of your transport and calculate the weaknesses of your opponent. For example, there are a number of computer games where you not only need to overcome distances for a while, but also destroy all the cars around, enjoying the rattle of metal. Or, now online races are gaining more and more popularity, where you will drive not a beautiful racing car, but a very old, hefty truck. This makes it very difficult to drive through the entire track at high speed, overcoming all obstacles. And if you don’t like standard competitions, you can choose really extreme races. This means that you will have to overcome high hills, take off from jumps and be very careful on bumps. And don’t forget about speed!