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Mouse games are popular for many reasons. First of all, these are the characters of most cartoons. For example, almost every kid is familiar with Mickey Mouse, and his girlfriend Mini is the favorite of many girls. Disney characters have become the heroes of many fun. The girls will have fun designing new outfits for Mini, while the boys will race around the fast track with Miki. You can also put together puzzles and find the differences. In the virtual space, Jerry is waiting for his idols. Help the mouse to get away from Tom. The cat will try in every possible way to prevent you from stealing food from the refrigerator, but it is not easy to stop the nimble mouse. You can also play as Tom here. Restore justice and show Jerry who is the boss in the house. The online game of the mouse is very popular, where the crumbs have to collect grains. You can also play with friends. Determine the most dexterous and agile. There are obstacles here, so be careful not to fall into the hole. Your mouse will undoubtedly come first to the finish line and will easily cope with all tasks. Start online fun and immerse yourself in the fabulous world of virtual games.