All Mahjong Games - Money Games

Games that are offered to earn money in which gamers of all ages are offered are excellent simulators that will help you gain basic economic knowledge. Many parents are well aware that children need to be taught financial literacy from an early age. In order for the kid to quickly learn the information and the basic basic principles, the developers tried to create the most colorful games. The child will learn and have fun at the same time. For example, girls can play a game where the main character is a naughty fashionista named Flora. The virtual girl loves to dress up and buy expensive outfits. But in order to afford to buy a thing, the girl must first earn money. Together with the main character, young ladies will work in a toy store and make flower arrangements for the holidays. In games like this, it’s not the story that counts. The child must understand that making money is not easy and you need to work hard. The category presents both classic fun on this topic, as well as completely new ones.