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Mario games for kids is a wonderful greeting from the past, embodied in the online games of our time. Mario, a cheerful mustachioed plumber, pursues one goal in life – to save the princess. However, there are always some problems with this princess … Either she is in another castle, or it is impossible to get to her. In short, monotonous and uninteresting. Therefore, the developers took an alternative path: if you don’t like playing the classic version of the game, which it was on the first consoles, you have at your disposal a wide arsenal of online games of any genre with Mario in the title role! From now on, you can diversify the life of a plumber with new missions and tasks, in addition, all games of the new generation are made using stunning graphics that will not leave you indifferent. Now you can not only jump on mushrooms, you can shoot them from all sorts of weapons, call Luigi for help and fight together against fantastic monsters waiting at every step! And you can move in a fantastic game world not only with your feet, but also connect all kinds of equipment to the case. In a word, Mario has definitely taken a step forward towards achieving his goals, and games with him have become much more exciting – you will like it!