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Every gamer remembers who Super Mario is. This colorful hero in the same red cap has become so fond of all fans of arcades and action games that for many years new stories about the character have been released. Mario Adventure Games is an online toy section that contains all sorts of tasks, situations and journeys of this unusual plumber. The free Mario games have certainly changed a lot, the graphics are much better, and there are a lot more location options. But, nevertheless, this is a great way to nostalgic for the very first versions of the game to a familiar tune. Or meet a brave plumber to find out what this game, which has long since become a classic, is about. In the Super Mario 63 game on the computer, the possibilities of your character are much wider than in the standard version. Here, if you are lucky to find the right equipment, the hero can dive under water or even rise into the air. You will have to communicate with different characters, carefully collect coins and tips to rescue the princess! And in “Super Mario on the Clouds” you will find a completely unexpected location. Along the ground or underground journey, the brave little plumber must complete all the tasks in the sky. You can choose an online game about Mario for free, which you will like.