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Mahjong puzzles quickly and confidently continue to gain popularity among fans of intellectual toys. This entertainment is rooted in ancient times, when some Chinese craftsmen decided to come up with amazing cards with a variety of hieroglyphs and drawings. Today, Mahjong is popular all over the world, and its varieties can be counted in dozens. In addition to traditional Mahjong cards, there are many gambling subspecies of this game, as well as Mahjong solitaire, especially beloved by users of the global network. All Mahjong games without a doubt can be classified as “smart” and developing puzzles. And this is not surprising, because Mahjong perfectly trains memory and logical thinking. Therefore, no matter what kind of Mahjong you choose, the game will benefit one way or another. The essence of the Mahjong game is to sequentially open the same cards. All cards are laid out in a special pyramid. Therefore, you can remove the same cards, to the right or left of which there are no other cards. If the card is “squeezed” by others from both sides at the same time, it is necessary to open it by removing the cards that hold it. The difficulty lies in choosing the right strategy. After all, sometimes, in a hurry, you can hastily remove the necessary cards from the pyramid, without which you will not be able to open others later.