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Logic game Mahjong is one of the most exciting board games, revered by many nations and equally well known in the East and West. You can play it both with other players, and disassemble puzzles built from the cubes intended for this. Just try it and you will understand that simple rules form here a lot of opportunities for developing different strategies. You can go through all the options by clicking on the dice at random, but thoughtful play with a miscalculation of moves in advance will bring more fun. Now you do not need to buy dice to play or download bulky programs. Mahjong online will allow you to enjoy the process of unfolding this kind of solitaire right on the site. And we have collected a huge variety of options for this particular type of game, so that a novice player can even run up his eyes. Do not hesitate and choose any game you like – we are sure that you will not be disappointed. Our portal contains just a huge variety of mahjong games. With different graphics – simple and complex, discreet and bright, with different storylines, and even with slightly different rules, with their own characteristics and many, many more differences and similarities. Great idea to combine Shanghai solitaire with adventure and quests! The pleasure derived from such games is incomparable to anything: the many possibilities and directions continuously keep the player’s interest. Try to play one of the games we offer. We assure you that you will be delighted with any mahjong chosen here and just have a great time playing an exciting game.