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Mahjong Connect games is definitely not for everyone. Today, the percentage of mahjong fans among all gamers is unusually high, and, moreover, continues to rise constantly. This is not surprising, since this game has been known since ancient times. Today, the possibilities of free online games on a computer allow you to surprise players with a rich variety of variations on the theme of Mahjong. Achieving victory in Mahjong is not as easy as it seems at first glance. This game requires you to maximize the effort of logical abilities, as well as developed visual memory. The essence of the game is that you need to open the same cards or wooden chips. Depending on the type of Mahjong you choose, the drawings on the cards may be different. Traditionally, these are oriental hieroglyphs or atmospheric Asian drawings. However, Mahjongs are different, and therefore on our website you can easily find variations of this game, even for children. The logical component of Mahjong is the need to remove paired cards in the correct order, since initially they form a pyramid. There is a high probability that by hurrying up and opening cards without the necessary strategy, you will find yourself in a logical impasse and the game will need to be started anew.