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There are many things connected with the word “magic” that official science has not been able to explain. When something becomes understandable to a person and it can be described from the point of view of science, then this fact is immediately excluded from the section of magic and migrates to scientific treatises. Magical phenomena are something supernatural. It can affect objects remotely and is called telepathy. Witchcraft, shamanism and divination can also be attributed to magic. This term represents processes occurring at the mental level. Perhaps this is the result of the interaction of elementary particles on a subtle plane, or it is possible that everything happens at an even more global level. There is no single answer today. However, this “science” has been of interest to humanity at all times, because it represented an unlimited source of energy that a person can use for peaceful or evil purposes. If we talk about art, magic can occur in the most non-standard manifestations. It is an integral part of many feature films, cartoons and games, where it is used as a completely common occurrence.