All Mahjong Games - Logic shooting games

Simple time-killer games very often leave behind a feeling of wasted time. After all, they often do not carry any idea in themselves, they are simple both in management and in the plot. The complete opposite of them is logic shooting games. Here you need not just pointlessly shoot at enemies right and left. Very often in such online games it is not easy to move from level to level, because the number of enemies is prohibitive and the ammo is limited. And you need to calculate a lot in advance in order to get out of the battle with minimal losses. Free shooters where you need to apply logic immerse yourself in their atmosphere, making you really worry about the outcome of what is happening. A good example of a very developing and at the same time exciting computer game is Watchtower. You are not just a watchman and not just defending your fortress, but a real strategist. Because in a fixed time, you have to build the defensive system of your fortress. Moreover, you have little time, and at the end of it, a real battle will begin, which will show how well you calculated everything. Choose what you like best, test your talents as a strategist and analyst!