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Logic adventure games are a genre for gamers who love not only active action and drive, but also planning, analysis of the situation. In these games, there are certain clear patterns, understanding which it will be much easier for you to complete tasks and go through everything to the very end. The plot can be absolutely anything: military online games, free shooting games or sports. The main thing is that in your adventures you should be very attentive, careful and take into account any little things that may be important. This genre is actually a great option for all ages. Because for an experienced gamer it is a great warm-up, a test of logic and an opportunity to practice, and for a beginner it is an opportunity to learn how to play deliberately. For example, in the PC game Airship Infiltration, you must free the airship from real terrorists! But you need to use your superpowers only at the right moment, because the game has several outcomes and only your actions decide who will win this fight. And for children there are a lot of logic games on the computer with a more peaceful plot. For example, “The Adventure of Fluffy in the Kitchen”, where the main character is a fluffy cat. Online and for free help him get out of the kitchen and not get scolded by the hostess.