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Who is a knight? This is a man of noble blood of the Middle Ages, who took part in military campaigns. It is worth noting that the knights were sung by poets, the beautiful half of humanity dreamed of them. It was believed that this hero in iron armor is distinguished by courage, courage and impeccable upbringing. In addition, a knight always dreams of a beautiful lady, for whom he is ready to perform many feats. In the past, the knighthood was an honorific. His clothes were heavy and weighed more than a dozen kilograms. It consisted most often of forged armor and a helmet, which hampered movement, thereby requiring great endurance. In addition to this shortcoming, iron clothing in the summer was very hot, which did not allow fighting in hot, sultry times. The ritual of knighting was considered extremely important. It was usually conducted by the father or the eldest man in the family. Thanks to the romance of the knightly lifestyle, knight games have become very popular. So interesting will be strategy fun, where heroes in iron armor must conquer castles, get bonuses, gather troops and solve many interesting tasks.