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We all remember the sweet moments when mom protected us from all adversity. Girls do their best to imitate their mothers and copy the model of their behavior. Dolls and toys act as objects of courtship. But, not always the guys have enough toys to organize the gameplay as plausibly as possible. Baby care games come to the rescue. There are many such toys in the virtual space. No more torturing four-legged pets and dressing them up in newborn costumes. Online fun is incredibly diverse and suitable entertainment of this genre can be found by everyone. Especially popular is the game “Baby Hazel”. The baby does not sit and constantly travels. Take her to the famous Disneyland park or simply sunbathe on the beach. But, do not forget that you need to monitor her hygiene and clothing. If necessary, wash or change the funny girl. There are many games where it is clearly necessary to follow a certain daily routine. Before going to bed, Hazel likes to listen to fairy tales, but at the same time, she forgets about water procedures and hygiene rules. Start the game and get certain skills and knowledge.