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Puzzle games are very popular puzzle games. The main task of the player is to assemble a picture from small fragments. Moreover, the smaller the pieces of the photo, the more difficult it is to collect the image. Elements in the form can be very different. Determining for what age the game is intended is very simple. For the smallest gamers, fun consisting of 15-20 fragments is quite suitable. If you need to collect 260-300 particles, then this is a game for adults. It is noteworthy that many parents enthusiastically play this game with their children. The modern variety of puzzle games will pleasantly surprise many. Computer analogues of this fun are gradually replacing paper classic games. Many probably well remember the period when the first such fun just started to appear on sale. At the sight of a bright box, inside of which there were small fragments of the picture, they made the children jump for joy. But, the fun quickly ended when a couple of fragments disappeared without a trace, and it was impossible to assemble a complete picture. Online puzzle games are remarkable in that they completely exclude the loss of picture elements.