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Our site contains a huge collection of hidden object quests, games that combine the features of logic puzzles and clickers. In such tasks, you cannot achieve victory by mechanical enumeration of options, and a thoughtful attitude does not make the gameplay too boring. Hidden objects games are ideal for spending more than one evening with benefit. All around you are bright and beautiful scenery, interesting characters, and the tasks themselves are connected with each other and become one big adventure. Games where you need to search for objects using logic are becoming more and more popular, although many people still believe that they are too boring. Not so long ago, this was indeed true, because the gameplay in them was based on a banal enumeration of possibilities, but nothing stands still and our site will help you make sure of this. Now hidden objects games are presented with colorful unforgettable graphics, unpredictable plot, full of fun dynamics of the game itself. Games will help to train intelligence and attention, finding objects in which the task is directly related not only to the plot of the quest, but also to well-thought-out tasks and puzzles. You will have to show all your ingenuity and ingenuity in order to complete the game. The puzzles are getting harder every day, so you will not be ashamed to use some kind of bonus or hint. Fortunately, in such games they are also the most diverse, filled with all sorts of magic. They will make your task tenfold easier.