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You can play online helicopter games for free, so take your time and try each of them until you come across a game that will fully satisfy your requirements. If you prefer war games and flight simulators, then on this web portal you will find something that will definitely interest you. Here we have tried to collect the best helicopter games. Rotary-winged vehicles are in all the armies of the world. The unique ability to hover in the air makes these “iron birds” invaluable for rescue and offensive operations. And the ability of a helicopter to land in some hard-to-reach place, for example, in an impenetrable forest in a clearing, on the water or just on the street, makes this wonderful technique invaluable. In addition, helicopters can reach speeds of up to five hundred kilometers per hour, which is crazy speed. But did you know that if a helicopter engine fails in flight, then it can safely land in autorotation mode. Yes, helicopters are miracles of human invention, the flight of people’s fantasies. Man has always dreamed of flying, and, in principle, man’s dream has come true to some extent. Helicopter games can help you become a first-class virtual pilot who will be capable of many desperate deeds. Shoot with machine guns, burn with napalm, destroy the enemy with propellers – everything is allowed! Helicopter games for boys are very popular among teenagers. Young gamers are attracted to military shooting games and simulators. If we talk about specific models of helicopters, then Apaches are the most in demand in battles. Many also prefer rotorcraft chases. In helicopter games, you can fly black sharks or police K-52s. This is very exciting, because the player is in full control of the controls and can open continuous fire on the enemy.