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I wonder what industry the highest paid athletes in the world work in? Do you think it’s about football or basketball? In fact, golfer Tiger Woods is in the lead. This game is not as boring as it might seem. The sport of aristocrats is becoming more and more popular. But, not all cities have optimal conditions for training. Maintenance of golf clubs is a very costly business. To play, you need a perfect grass field. There are no holes and the players only practice the range of shots. You can also try your hand in the virtual space. There are many interesting games where you need to demonstrate your accuracy and good reaction. We have the most popular golf games. You can play with friends and on your own. For many, the game has become not only an interesting hobby. It is also a method of communication and a way of making new connections. But, this applies more to real golf than virtual. However, everyone can have an interesting time, regardless of status and wealth.