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Free gold games will take you to the era of discoveries and adventurers. You will fight sea pirates and go down to the bottom of the ocean to find the treasures of ancient civilizations. The task will become more and more difficult. The pirate quest is very popular. Help the pirates get the gold. The virtual team is not very smart, so the puzzles will have to be solved by you. You can stop at any moment. Pirates will be on the deck of the ship. It is necessary to show ingenuity and ingenuity in order to be able to catch all the chests with gold. Go in search of treasures and treasures of the Atlanteans. However, in fun you have to deal not only with the search for jewelry and ancient artifacts. Difficult puzzles and puzzles will help develop your ingenuity and ingenuity. Go down into deep dungeons and cross oceans. Traveling in virtual space will take much less time. But, from this adventure will not become less exciting and unpredictable.