All Mahjong Games - Fruit Games

Fruits is a game that all kids will love. The children will enthusiastically collect pears, peaches, grapes and cook delicious dishes. Such fun will help kids learn the names of fruits. But, the training will take place in an easy and interesting way. For example, in one of the games it is necessary to arrange fruits randomly scattered across the field. In others, on the contrary, you need to hit darts exclusively in apples or kiwi. Tasks can be very different. This genre of games is perfect for the smallest gamers. Boys and girls will work with great passion on a virtual farm, where a huge number of various plants are grown. The color of the pictures deserves special attention. The kids feel like they are in a fairy tale. The only difference is that they themselves can take an active part in events. Even the farm is not as simple as it seems. In order for the fruits to ripen on the trees, it is necessary to ensure that they are not pecked by annoying crows. Distract harmful birds and save the harvest. In addition, the trees in the garden need to be watered regularly. This is a great simulation game. The guys will understand that working on a farm is not so easy.