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Flying shooting games are a combination of two popular genres of online games that will appeal to lovers of drive and action. As a rule, almost all flying games contain elements of a shooting game – after all, even when computer games were not yet common, black and white armor-piercing Nokias were already pleasing to the eye of a gamer with a splash screen from a game with airplanes. The aircraft moved along three levels of altitude, which made it possible to dodge objects that could harm the player or completely destroy the flying ship. And at the same time, some obstacles blocking or impeding the movement of this very aircraft could be fired upon with the help of a built-in gun and eliminated from the path. In the end, the player was given a chance to kill the boss with their weapons and thereby move to a new level, or even win the game. This is a classic example of a harmonious combination of a shooter and a flying game, most new games repeat a similar strategy – the player selects something from a certain set of aircraft on which he will pass the level, and then uses the weapon to shoot enemies and remove obstacles, if any .