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Man is always drawn to the sky. Too bad people can’t fly. But, in the virtual space, everything is possible, you just have to want it. On our site you will find the most interesting flying games. To fully enjoy the feeling of freedom, move into the game space and fly over uncharted lands. Everyone can quench their thirst for flight. Here, on our portal, you can find a lot of flying games. Do you dream of being a first-class ace, exterminating all enemies? Not a problem, there is more than one such game. Or you can be a pilot responsible for the lives of passengers, the captain of a real aircraft. There are also games like “Angry Birds”: shoot unfortunate birds into the sky, or lambs into some unknown distance. You can also save the entire universe in your flying starship by destroying the alien invaders one by one. You can easily pick up the game of the flying game to your liking. Online flying games have always enjoyed well-deserved popularity. This category of games suits almost all gamers. This is one of the oldest game genres. Simple 2D games were fairly easy to create. But, modern flying games are beyond competition. Stunning graphics and an exciting story from the first second make you forget about everything. You are transported to a completely different reality. Fascinating gameplay and colorful pictures will not leave anyone indifferent. At the same time, many resources will not be required and your PC will not be overloaded. But, of course, we are talking about simple flying games, and not about voluminous flight simulators. This genre does not cease to be popular with gamers. The ability to play online has attracted a new audience.