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Games to leave the room will be appreciated by real lovers of quests. This genre appeared in the 70s. Participants, in order to successfully complete the levels, need to solve complex problems. There are several options to choose from. Games perfectly develop intuition and ingenuity. There are also many logical tasks. You will have to not only look for certain items, but also subsequently skillfully use them. Remember, there is always a way out! Hints will help you get out of the rooms. Use the help of references and tips, write down all important events, notes, letters and advertisements from newspapers in a notebook. Don’t overlook the smallest details. The secondary characters have a lot to say. Captivating storyline. It is necessary to understand what caused, for example, the imprisonment of the princess in the castle tower. There are a lot of games for both lovers of historical plots and modern stories. Take yourself to a medieval castle or find yourself on an alien ship. Or escape from a psychiatric hospital, from a serial killer, from a house of evil, where more than one person died, save the unfortunate girls from the villains, get out of the falling plane. At every step, certain dangers will await you. Be carefull! Show all your dexterity, ingenuity, composure and ingenuity. Quests to leave the room will appeal to many. These games are created with unique plots, difficult puzzles and various puzzles, bright design and construction of the game itself. There are a lot of mysterious and exciting games in this section.